walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Okay, D.T. is right. Fine.

A while ago, I finally gave in and conceded that my friend B.L.'s wacky idea that if we had a really low speed limit (like, 15 mph), things would be a lot better in a lot of ways.

Now, I think I'm going to have to concede that D.T. was onto something. He (and, for that matter, E.S.) self-described as "pro-death". They were pro choice. Pro legalized suicide/assisted suicide/right to die. Pro death penalty.

Honestly, between the firefighter shooting at the cyclist, and finding out that people are trying to kill health care because it might (a) pay for abortions and/or (b) lead to assisted suicide/euthanasia/whatever, I'll just concede.

Pro death is definitely the way to go. I'm honest to goddess sick to death of trying to explain to people that, for example, the Dutch health care system does _not_ kill old people (if they were, why would they have so many centenarians? and such great longevity compared to ours?), much less try to unravel this living will = old people condemned to die crap. I'll just go there. Death ain't so bad; we're all gonna die. Let's quit being stupid because our brains freeze up whenever we think about being reasonable about end of life care.

If it were just whack job right wingers, it wouldn't make me so cranky. But I'm hearing this from people who ought to know better.
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