walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

picking up and dropping off

I bring T. to and from Acton Public Preschool by bicycle -- the Bianchi + Burley Kazoo. This has led to some fairly entertaining commentary, like, the other pre-k-er who told me I couldn't ride that without a kid on the back. Har de har har. Right up there with the kid who questioned my judgment for riding in the rain.

In any event, depending on how I'm feeling, and what traffic is looking like, I either ride back on the street or on the sidewalk. Today, I hadn't had breakfast yet, because A. slept late and so did I. I was not at my most alert, so I opted for the much slower sidewalk route. I don't like to do this, because there's enough foot traffic that I'll probably have to get off the bike and walk it at some point, and, indeed, there was a pedestrian, but it turned out I didn't have to pass him because he got home before I reached him. The ped (an asian man who I am always charmed by, especially when he's out jogging in a button down shirt, slacks, nice shoes, etc.) stepped on to the grass to let a middle aged, fit man on a regular looking bicycle pass him. That seemed a little odd, and there was something bright blue sticking out past the guy's shoulder, so I figured I'll get off the bike and out of the way and see why this guy is riding on the sidewalk, because normally, the fit middle aged man with the cycling clothes and the regular bike is _not_ on the sidewalk. Just saying.

It was a tandem, and that bright blue was the shoulder of the shirt a young man riding behind him was wearing. By the look of it, they were headed off to the school, too, and I'd bet money this was also a drop-off of a kid receiving some kind of services at the school during summer break. Glad I hopped off; that's the kind of thing we like to encourage.
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