walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: it's hot, we bicycled, I met friends without children

As in, I did not have either A. or T. with me when I went to visit A., L. and P. at A. and L.'s house. Fun! Also, A. had baked a lovely, dairy-free coffee cake with lots of fruit and berries. Yum! Lovely conversation. Good iced tea, too.

T. (my son) had a slight meltdown on the way out of pre-school. He recovered okay and we went to ride bikes, but it was so hot he decided he wanted to ride home on the back of the bike, then we took the trailabike out again until I said _I_ was too hot, then we went inside to hide the A/C.

M. came over to hang out with B. and A. during the day (M. brought little D. with her). They attempted the Children's Museum, but the wee ones were asleep in strollers, so that didn't happen. I think they went to Friendly's for lunch.

I kept thinking it was awful hot-feeling for low 80s. Then I realized it wasn't low 80s. It was low 90s. Doh.

And FarmTown appears to be down.
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