walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Walking, running -- is teleportation next?

No, probably climbing. *shudder*

The Tedster is running. Well, toddler running. He doesn't necessarily get both feet off the ground at once, which is the adult definition, but he can still lead you a merry game of tag. That and putting things in other things have been his major activities of the week.

R. and I both have birthdays coming up, and we were at a loss as to what we wanted. I figured that if R. didn't know what he wanted, he was getting a child's bicycle trailer, and he seems okay with this. After much deliberation (and some severe lust after the Chariot Cougar and CX), I ordered the Burley Solo, plus the stroller kit, which seems to be very light, very narrow and from a reasonable company. The stroller kit was a cheap add-on that stays on; all you have to do is unhitch, flip the little wheel and off you go. We'll see what it's like when it arrives.

We had decided against a bikeseat, based on what a couple people said about balance. Turns out there's a Dutch bikeseat that involves a child car seat. Still got the weight problems, but way cool and has been around forever. R. seemed to think the kid could probably manage a surrey bike, or trailabike, or whatever you call those devices, when he was three. I was skeptical. Not any more. Turns out that in addition to the surrey bike option, there are some crazy ass biking families out there with triples that put the kid on the middle post with stokers starting at 2 and change. Some people figure out a way to attach the car seat to the triple post more or less from birth. And some truly deranged folk have done this:


Oh boy. From this we conclude the following: waiting until age two to buy a baby a tricycle is not necessary. So off I go to try to find a tricycle that will convey the concept of pedals to the Tedster, ideally by around age one, sooner if possible. Come on, you _knew_ I was crazy, right? This kid went cross country skiing with us in a Bjorn before he was six months old. I've already ordered an infant PFD so we can take him kayaking. Early tricycling seems minor, right?

And I think I found one. Winther makes trikes for 1+, including working pedals. So does Kettler, but theirs are kind of over the top, and the seat is a half inch higher, which could be an issue (we're talking inseam, here, so a half inch difference is an inch or more of overall height -- that's a delay of a month or more potentially with nothing to do with ability, just physical size). I'm hoping to see the trike in the next month or so. I'll keep you posted.

As for the PFD (Salus Bijoux, for those who are keeping track), it has not yet arrived, but when it does, it's back to the pool to see if it works.

I am such a gearhead.
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