walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

new bike law in Massachusetts


In a way, a no-op, but in an important way, an opportunity to do some push-back on the hey-these-roads-are-for-cars-damnit crowd. Best of all, now you can ride two abreast. About freaking time.

I called in another plate to Acton Traffic's voicemail, this time for a silver station wagon (I'm not posting the plates as long as the police are willing to at least say they're going to warn/ticket the driver; they start telling me to back down, and I'm going to start a Wall of Shame somewhere) who decided to past me going westbound on Mass Ave next to the school approaching Prospect. I'd let a couple cars by, but was now ready to take my left onto Prospect and was inching away from the white line. I figured it was a good moment, since there was so much eastbound traffic, surely no one would be dumb enough to pass.

But no, someone squeezed by so close that even swerving back over the white line (and there's no shoulder -- just grass past that white line), I could have touched the car with me elbow leaving my hand on the grips. I hollered a "hey, come on" and got a wave (but not bird, interestingly) out the driver window.

I wonder if the driver will get one of those new $100 tickets?

You know, _most_ drivers are really considerate. It's just a few people, really, who might respond well to a couple more points on their motor vehicle record.
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