walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

High Cost of Free Parking


That's a little mind-blowing. When we lived on Jackson, this was a hot topic (minimum parking requirements, that is). I understand why in a lot more detail now.

The big takeaway is: never mind the cost of fuel. If anyone ever decides to start charging us what parking really costs, we're going to collectively be a lot slower to hop in the car and drive somewhere. And they are headed that way, at least in some places. Every place that is swapping per-space coin-meters in favor of multi-space takes-a-card meters is getting all set up to implement this.

I particularly liked the idea that by setting up a resident's parking district, and then selling a small number of those spaces to commuters for market rates, you could generate as much money as is being collected for the residents permits -- and potentially more than you're getting off the property taxes on the houses. Whoa, and like damn.
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