walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

book request

I know some of my readers are _waaaaayyyyy_ better at research than I am, and sometimes I toss out a little, I wish I had a book like X, and boom, someone recommends the _perfect_ thing for me.

Here it is:

I want a book about bicycling, specifically aimed at extremely novice (as in, may never have successfully ridden a bicycle ever) bicycle users who would like to be able to use their bicycle to run errands, transport themselves and children, in all kinds of weather. It should include some information about learning to ride (and teaching children to ride), a large chunks of the book should be devoted to the following categories: utility cycling, cargo bikes, children's bicycle seats, tandems (for children and/or adults), how to find information about bicycle lanes, bicycle advocacy, commuting by bicycle, tax and other incentives for individuals and corporations to encourage bicycling, cycling in conjunction with the use of public transit, folding bicycles, adult tricycles (including cargo tricycles), and short sections on other human powered vehicles that are traditionally thought of as toys but can be used as transportation (human powered scooters, skateboards, heelys, inline skates...).

The idea would be: hey, you _were_ using it (or know someone who uses it) as a toy/for recreation, and it dawned on you that that would be much better than walking/pushing the stroller/pulling the grocery cart. But you're having some difficulties and need some help.

I think this book does not exist. I think this book doesn't even exist spread out in pieces over other books. I suspect that there isn't even a good solid website aimed at this.

Please prove me wrong.
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