walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Lots of trips today

R. took T. to school today, but I picked him up. In between, I got my book (_Bicycling for Dummies_, which regular readers will be reading about) at the library. I tried a slight variation on the avoid Main St. route, going up to Main from Hayward to Musket. This saved me a substantial detour and a hill, but did inflict some road construction on me. Also, I confused the hell out of the cop who was directing traffic. He _really_ wanted to help me cross the road, which I _really_ did not want to do, since I was going to ride the sidewalk a few dozen feet and then go down Musket. He asked/commented that I'd made it okay when he saw me coming back and I affirmed.

T. and I did the full loop today. They aren't done at the funeral home, but the excavator was parked and the big scary hole isn't a hole any more, so we got to play to our heart's content. We came back briefly for a beverage, and then went out again to play on Durkee and Mallard, then came back again and ordered takeout and went to go get it. Where as I was setting up for my left turn into the parking lot, some idiot came blazing down Prospect at 40+ mph, and swerved around my left side. Good thing I had the sense to put my hand back down from signaling the turn and hit the brakes, or we would probably be dead. The lovely thing about acting like a car, is people treat you like a car. I seen accidents where a car passed on the left as the car they were passing was turning left. It wasn't pretty then, either. Apparently no one has any respect at all for that double yellow line.

On the way back, there were a half dozen mini vans and suvs I had to wave along. They were trying to let me cross the street, when I wanted to turn right and enter traffic. Since they were then going to pass me (and probably get into a header with some idiot barreling around the curve), I figured just let 'em go and pick a nice wide space.

Despite all that nonsense, it was a good day on the bikes.
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