walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

good books, bad book

The Piepers' _Smart Love_ is horrible. It doesn't seem horrible at first, but it gets worse the more I read, and the more I think about it. Gilded turd.

Mike Shepherd's _Kris Longknife_ series, by contrast, seems pretty awful: derivative, milsf with a moderately cartoony heroine. I stuck with it through the first book in part because he used so many Pacific Northwest names for places: planets called things like Sequim and Olympia. Particularly funn that Sequim had tundra. Heh. Tundra in Sequim.

Anyway, Kris grew on me, so I'll now have to buy book four. And I understand the grampas stories are told in another series written under a slightly different name. People tend to compare these to Honor Harrington, and the point is valid. But in many ways, these are a lot more like F.M. Busby's Rissa Kerguelen books (and auxiliary novels). The physics in both Busby and Weber seem to be handled a lot more consistently, but snappy dialogue is snappy dialogue, and Weber has it going on.

I acquired a new toy, a wireless card for my laptop. I am sitting in a pizza parlor (all purpose pizza) typing away. This is not cheap ($60/month in addition to my cell service; $80 without the cell service). The goal was to be able to connect to the web/email in any airport (high priority), around town (high priority), while on vacation (medium priority), ideally including from the house in Brookline (possibly pie in the sky, therefore low priority to reflect reality). Got my fingers crossed for the house in Brookline; so far, so good on the rest. I appear to be the only person I know with such a device. This seems unlikely, so if anyone else is using one, let me know how you've found the coverage to be. Wherever you have used it.

The bandwidth is nice; I understand that when comparable cards are available for the new Mac Pros, they'll be even nicer. The things we have to look forward to.

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