walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

SUB, fully loaded

The Bianchi version of the suburban utility bicycle went for an outing with both children today, at the same time. A. rode in the mini up front, and T. hung out on the Burley Kazoo behind. We were impatiently awaiting Papa's return because B. had gone home a bit early due to R. (her grandfather, and our friend) not feeling well (that would be An Understatement). I eventually realized that if T. was willing to ride the Kazoo, we could all go out together, since A. had just woken up from a nap and was therefore unlikely to nod off.

So off we went on the sidewalk down to Spencer, and as we turned, we saw the blue Fit slowing down to let us turn. Papa was arriving home, but we continued our ride anyway, down to Durkee and around the loop to Flint, and back up Spencer. A.'s major complaint was when we stopped upon returning home.

I still haven't gotten them both out on the Townie (and may never, realistically, do so, which is just fine). But it's nice to know the three of us can go out for a brief bit of bicycling fun all by ourselves.
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