walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I've driven to Las Vegas

More than once, in fact. I left Las Vegas (in a car. that I was driving) around noon once and drove home to Seattle, arriving the next morning around 9 a.m. or so. I did take a couple naps in the car along the way. (I will further add that that is not the only time I drove around 1200 miles in a single driving "day".) So when _$20 per gallon_ says:

"Almost nobody, save a few L.A. gambling junkies, drives to Vegas. And the five-hour drive from Southern California won't be too appealing, either, when filling the tank costs $150."

I start feeling a little pissy.

I think a lot more people drive from LA to Las Vegas than he realizes. And in any event, driving 265 measly miles is no great shakes and with an appropriate vehicle selection, shouldn't cost more than $100 RT. And I'm betting there's bus service.


Why yes! There is.

This guy is _really_ annoying me. Las Vegas _is_ hurting really, really, really bad. But they're hurting for the same reason everyone else is hurting. And it does not have that much to do with steep gas.
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