walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

went to half price books

Sold some, bought some. Unfortunately, I think I came home with the same volume of books as I got rid of. OTOH, these are books I want.

Included in the stack: a book by Elizabeth Crary called _Pick Up Your Socks ... and other skills growing children need!_, because K. likes Crary and this was what was there and furthermore, it looks pretty cool. It is a good example of what I call convergence. At the end of each chapter are lists of further reading. In addition to the expected references to more books by Crary (and Jean Illsley Clarke), there are references to Faber/Mazlish (initially heard about from my sister-in-law), Thomas Gordon (who I like), but also _The Dance of Anger_, which byrdie has told me about. It's a workbook-style book, and is not obsessed with motivational crap (whether positive parenting stuff or more punitive). Instead, it takes a problem-solving approach that involves understanding your goals, your children, and creating a plan to get them from where they are to where you want them to be. It's still further over on the side of parental power-and-control than I like, but the tools in it don't have to be used that way. Neat.

There was a copy of Hillary's book. Of course I had to buy that. :-)

Stanley Greenspan's _The Four-Thirds Solution: Solving the Child-Care Crisis in America Today_ is, I believe, the origin of the idea to raise children in an egalitarian fashion without just turning the job over to hired help by having both parents work 2/3rds part time jobs and truly split child-care. Amazingly enough, he even talks about ways to do this when there has been a bitter divorce. His comments on custody are particularly interesting.

And three books by John Holt, because come on. How could I not? They were just sitting there, begging for me to buy them!

And some other books that may or may not be interesting, but looked cool.
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