walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Notes for a review

Location 280-4: "It could simply be that the bicycle itself is a beacon of darkness, bitterness, and ill will that transforms anyone who climbs on top of it.

Since bicycles were invented, self-proclaimed masters of that domain have erected walls and placed arbitrary filters, riddles, clothing requirements, and icy glares -- racial requirements--in front of anybody hoping to become a bicyclist. Clearly any effort to popularize the bicycle for basic transportation purposes will have to overcome some of the bicyclists themselves. A more annoying foe could hardly be imagined."

Location 1093-6: "But I like the streets. I like the American streets, the dance of traffic, the occasional flashes of terror and drafting off ambulances. The Amsterdam cycle path paradigm is nice in different ways, but it's kind of a plodding enterprise. Kind of slow and clogged up, confining. We bicyclists in America are surely in more danger than our Euro counterparts, perhaps less accepted in the national culture, but we may also have a little more freedom overall. We can ride with a little more speed, a little more zing. The trade-off goes largely unappreciated."

Hey -- just because I post a quote doesn't mean I agree with it. I'm including these because they really stand out as very different from the usual rhetoric.

Location 1107-10: "Thinking we can steadily transform Portland into Oulu is nothing but a trap.

The American way of bicycling does not need to be fundamentally changed, it only needs to be enhanced. We in the States could actually do Europe one better in our bicycling future. We could ride farther, and faster, on sportier bicycles, and just generally have more fun with it."

Location 1188-91: "As a child driver he impaled a '73 Volkswagen Type III on a hydrant while playing four-wheel drift on a snoy night. "Radioactive" by the Firm was on the radio."

If that's factually true in every respect, I think that implies Not a Boomer, as "child" would imply no older than 17 when "Radioactive" could have been on the radio, which would have been no earlier than 1985, thus, born no earlier than 1968, unless my math or research sucks.

Location 1194-99: "I must have been about fourteen or fifteen years old...Mid-1980s."

Location 1214-18: "About a dozen sixteen-to-nineteen-year-olds are killed in wrecks every day, about four thousand to five thousand per year. Close to half a million go to emergency rooms each year after hitting something in their cars."

Makes you wonder why people get so freaking uptight about making kids get an MMR vaccine. I mean, by comparison? Tiny, tiny, tiny risks.
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