walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

speed limit

I got _The Cyclist's Manifesto_ on kindle because it looked like it had a bunch of bicycle history in it, so I thought I'd give it a try. Very short distance into the book (loving the authorial voice, btw), and I learn that New York (one assumes city) had a speed limit of 5 mph for vehicles when bicycles were included in "vehicles" for rights and responsibilities purposes.


I open my laptop, I google a bit, and I found this:


From this I conclude:

(1) When B.L. said most of the problems associated with motor vehicles would be mitigated and/or eliminated if we just said no one goes over 15 mph any more, B.L. was not being wacky. B.L. was being utterly reasonable and, in fact, had vast historic precedent on his side. He convinced me at the time, and I hadn't forgotten, but whoa and like damn.

(2) I love the idea of jailing a cabbie driving an electric taxi at the breakneck speed of 12 mph.


(3) Wow. The layout of NYC makes so much more sense when you assume the travel lanes should be moving at about 5 mph.
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