walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Disposing of the body

A few days ago, Roland took down a tree in the back yard whose roots had been messing with the garden as it grew wildly (no longer being in the shadows of other trees that had been previously eliminated). It being almost 2 feet in diameter, watching him drop it with a 16" chainsaw was an education. I don't know what exactly I was thinking, but I had not imagined past the point of the tree falling down. Possibly because my subconscious was telling me just how much work a 50' tree would be to dispose of.

The chainsaw, wielded ably by Roland, detached the small diameter stuff. But once detached, it still had to be moved (yes, all of it) to a brush pile in a location where it would be safe to burn. Then Roland turned the trunk into logs of more or less manageable size, which had to be stacked in an orderly size elsewhere. Finally, the remaining bits had to be raked and transported to the brush pile.

Sure, it's warming up. Sure, the snow is going away faster than I would have imagined (without shoveling or blowing -- and I'll tell you, this way is messier, at least in the short run). Yet an arbitrary amount of upper body exercise is still availabe in the yard. He has his eye on a couple other trees. I'm discouraging him.

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