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Beans, beans

When I was pregnant, my husband likes to say I was on the all-bean diet (at least for a good part of the first trimester). I had unbelievable bean cravings. Not just for chocolate and peanut butter, either: chili, black bean soup, even lentils, which I normally don't care for at all.

Well, the bean cravings have returned with a vengeance for the last month, which was completely mysterious, until I decided to go find out when infants really start walking on average (and, more relevantly, what the standard deviation is, and what the variation by population is). I failed, but I ran across some really fascinating stuff about a study to determine whether supplementing zinc and/or folic acid would speed the process up (this was in Africa, mind you, so the babies were walking durned early anyway). Come to find out, supplementing folic acid speeds the process up by about 20 days.


Go, cravings.

In the meantime, I've come up with a good black bean chili recipe for the crock pot. I've also made hummous from garbanzo beans (used Eden Organics canned, so no salt added; next time will use dried) and sesame seeds (every time I buy a jar of tahini, I don't use it and it goes bad. And I had sesame seeds and a coffee grinder we use for spices, so I figured it was worth a try). It was good! Tasted like the real deal, despite the fact I did not use garlic and did use white truffle oil (one of my readers should be pleased to hear this).

Oh, and that study with the supplements. Average age of walking was 8.9 months. Standard deviation was 1.8 months. Hunh? I doubt that's a normal curve; I'm betting there's a short tail on the left and a long one on the right, but who knows.
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