walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a novel approach to bibliomancy

Normally, bibliomancy is accomplished by taking something (like a Bible), opening it to a random page and arbitrarily pointing at a passage and that using that passage as a sort of fortune cookie or magic 8 ball to help make a difficult decision or otherwise guide one in life.

Some time ago, I noticed that I have a Great Affection for Doom. It's good to recognize things like this, otherwise one's emotions can lead one into vast complications and trouble. But if you know what you like, you can go instead find a nice, safe version of it to satisfy the urge and call it good. In my case, since I know I really Love Doom, I can do things like worry about Peak Oil and Climate Change by buying bicycles and attempting to run errands on them, rather than, say, bunker up in the countryside and hope the ammo holds out when the mindless starving horde from the city try to come steal my stockpiled Ensure. Which, I might add, was a retread of the choices available for Y2K. I also vastly enjoyed Y2K. In that case, I called a bunch of people to make sure the garbage would still get picked up and the water/sewer and electric would still work. I have my priorities straight (altho I did also use it as an excuse to buy gold coins. Pretty!).

Dorothy Sayers, I think using her character Lord Peter Wimsy as a mouth piece, said something about how you can look at a person's library as a way of understanding who they are as a person. You can see the successive skins they have shed, as they mature and change in the course of their life. Of course, you can't do that if they _get rid_ of things, but True Bibliophiles have trouble getting rid of books so there's generally a good amount of evidence lying around. I think this would have been in one of the short stories, but it's been a solid couple decades since I read it so I'm probably confused.

In any event, it has always been in my head since she articulated that so very clearly, that one way to understand myself is to understand why I like the books I like. Particularly when, as is all too often the case, there is no obvious redeeming feature to the book, and quite a lot to loathe. It will be in this spirit that I'll be posting a bit about Immortals After Dark and romance in general, paranormal/urban fantasy, more specifically.
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