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_No Rest for the Wicked_, Kresley Cole, (kindle)

Altho, speaking of no rest for the wicked, John Ensign has announced he is running for re-election to his Senate seat in 2012. I guess that means he _won't_ be running for President?

Returning to the review at hand (altho the prezzies to Ensign's lover's kids are sooooo tempting to comment on, particularly given that there's apparently some effort to emphasize the gifts complied with tax law. Because _that's_ the part that really matters here):

In this second entry in the Immortals After Dark Series, a Valkyrie named Kaderin the Cold-Hearted finds herself unable, for the second time in her millennia long life, to kill a vampire. This time, the vampire is Sebastian Wroth, brother to Nicholai Wroth who we met in the first series. He applied some leverage to the Valkyrie coven to get them to recognize his marriage to another Valkyrie named Myst. The first time Kaderin was unable to kill a vampire in battle, he turned around and killed her two twin sisters, and she's been guilt-ridden about it ever since, except somebody (presumably a deity) made it impossible for her to feel anything at all (hence the title "the Cold-Hearted". She meets Sebastian, he wants to die (he didn't want to be Turned into a vampire by his brother Nicholai in the first place) and isn't shy about saying so. Instead, they dry hump like crazy, Kaderin gets her emotions back, freaks out and departs. And Sebastian decides he has met is Bride (One True Soulmate). Sebastian goes off to get blood from the butcher and buy himself some decent clothes and then chase her all over the world after discovering that he doesn't need to have been a place to teleport (Standard Issue Vampire Trait, called "tracing") there. He can just visualize Kaderin and pop! There he is. You can imagine how she feels about this.

Meanwhile, the Talisman's Hie (a paranormal Amazing Race run by the goddess Riora) is starting. It happens 4 times a millennium and Kaderin has been winning it for a long time. This time, a witch named Mariketa the Awaited, a Lykae (Scottish werewolf) named Bowe (first cousin to the werewolf in the first book, and we met him briefly in that entry) and numerous others have entered. Sebastian stalks Kaderin and decides to enter to win it for her. Hmmmm. The witch curses Bowe so he can't regenerate, but otherwise it's basically a contest between the vampire, the werewolf and the valkyrie, and a siren named Lucindeya (who I'm _still_ worried about stuck in that ice cave -- I hope she gets rescued in a later book) for a bunch of goodies. The ultimate prize is a two-time-use travel-in-time key that lets you go back and retrieve something (as long as it isn't too disruptive). Kaderin and Bowe have numerous arguments in colorful parts of the globe while casually dealing with other supernatural interference.

This book overlaps slightly with book #3, which is Bowe and Mariketa's romance, and there are some assumptions in this entry that you remember stuff from book #1, but Cole is fairly good about supplying enough information to let you treat these as stand-alone novels if you are so inclined.

Again, you know whether this is your kind of thing or not. Obviously, there's a Happily Ever After -- this is a romance after all.
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