walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: sidewalk mystery solved, rashes

B. canceled out today because she has a rash. Not obviously hives or poison ivy. Oddly, after she called to say she was going to the doctor, T. and I were bicycling and he hovered near a minivan unloading small children where a couple women were chatting. About rashes. That sounded _exactly_ like B.'s rash. Very odd! One of the kids was diagnosed with Lyme; the others not, but I never did hear precisely what the other kids had. And B.'s doctor and nurse had no idea, either. People wonder why I don't go to the doctor if I can possibly help it. They told her to take some Benadryl.

We have been speculating why there are sidewalks in part of the subdivision and not others. In particular, while there is sidewalk all along Prospect (no surprise -- it's a moderately busy street), the quieter streets that intersect Prospect have either no sidewalks, or sidewalks only once you've gotten quite a ways into the subdivision. After chatting with one of the neighbors on a connecting street, I realized that there used to be two streets that dead-ended, that were eventually connected with some additional subsidiary streets. That connecting section has sidewalks -- so probably the law/zoning/permitting changed after 1968 to require developers to put in sidewalks. Mystery (mostly) solved. We could go digging through Mass Land records to confirm dates on the houses if we Really Cared, but I'm satisfied I understand at this point.
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