walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: writing, farming

Okay, the farming is facebook farming. Thanks to R.'s dad D. getting sucked into both FarmVille and Farm Town, I now have the 8 neighbors needed to sell crap I don't want to have around any more. Thank you D.! And thank you R, for sucking him in. Tons of fun.

R. (my husband) is obsessively watching Tour coverage. Between that, and my usual obsessing about bicycling, yesterday I put together a batch of webpages about getting (back) on a bike. I now have to decide whether to desnark it or not. I'm a little mean in spots (as opposed to a lot mean, which I was in the notes I assembled to put it together). I mostly wrapped it up today, and put in a link to the long page over in repro about getting kids onto a parent's bike. I would love to add more about the bike industry being incredible doofuses when it comes to politics, the evilness that is John Forester and other degeneracy that blocked bike advocacy over the decades. I would also love to really lay out how mountain biking got hijacked by ordinary folk desperate for a friendly bike, and how that was sort of good and sort of not-so-good. The problem I'm up against is the difficult of piecing the story together. The sheer invisibility of cycling (you go try to find useful books about cycling in the US with actual coverage past 1930 that isn't All About Racing) is daunting.

Which leaves me with a dilemma. I ordinarily have a policy against gratuitously taking on things so big that I can't make any real headway with them. But I might be willing to make an exception here.
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