walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: Bicycling for fun, to hair cut and to lunch

And back again, obviously. Well, maybe not obviously.

T. and I did the whole loop! There is much excitement at the funeral home so no fun for us there. Big hole in the ground where they are redoing the access ramp on the side. Bad vision of somebody toppling into that. When we went down the hill (whee!) for a last bit of fun before going home (on Spencer), Mr. B. came up Spencer from Flint and stopped and said hi to T., so we followed him home on Lothrop and chatted for a bit. T. was willing to mosey along home after that, but it was getting late. R. came and picked him up in the car to take him to preschool.

I took the van down to the Mobil in West Acton to scope out the hair salon and determine whether I'd be able to lock up the bike. I concluded I would, but misread a decorative railing; there was an access ramp in back, tho, so I used that after returning the van (now with full tank, instead of empty, and let me tell you I'm sensitive to that since that run-out-of-gas incident on 2E with A. on the one day R. and M. were both totally unavailable despite their workplace being walking distance from where I'd stranded us). I wound up arriving ten minutes early despite all that. Woman who did my hair is awesome. She bikes to the gym! Very cool.

Home again, where R. was putting the frame lock on the Townie (Belmont installed the one on the Bianchi) now that we have the special mounting bracket. He had to cut the fender and deflate the tire to get that thing on. The Townie is Weird. But yummy. Once that was on, and B. had gone to retrieve T. from the preschool and go take him to the bike trail, R. and A. and I took the Bianchi and the Townie down to Julie's Place, which was, mysteriously, closed, so we reversed course and went to Joe's. We were going to chain our bikes to a bench as one of the least bad options, but the benches are attached to the wall, so that was no go. We ultimately used the frame locks and their chains to attach them to each other, and left the whole thing on the other side of the window from the host/hostess station. They watched this develop with good humor and volunteered to keep an eye on it while we ate. Probably safer there than in our garage.

Lunch was, as usual for Joe's, tasty. Three women were seated across the way from us who asked the host who seated them about the bikes. He directed them to me and I had a nice conversation with a woman who had tried out a Townie down at Belmont. Sure enough, the guy there had said it's okay if you like it but it's not my kind of bike because I'm a racer.

It's like they don't _want_ to sell bikes.

She was there to buy a bike for someone else, but was still thinking about it some time later and wanted to know how I liked the bike. I wrote down my list of what I go for in a bike, said I loved my Townie but that anything she could put her foot down, had step thru and an internal hub was probably a bike she'd love having. I listed the various equivalent terms for her, too. I hope she gets one!

Fantastically fun. Pre-kid, I used to get a lot more mileage, but I can't say that I ever had this much fun on a bike.
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