walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

stupid human tricks

I have a couple of tunes that (AFAIK) I made up, and which I sing to Teddy when he seems to need to be sung to. There's one I sing to Teddy and one I sing to Theodore, and both are the seeds for free form improvisation after the first several rounds of the tune. Tonight, that freeform improv settled into a well formed tune and I came up with a couple of verses quite quickly to go with it, so I started singing those, added another three, and when Teddy eventually dropped off, I popped up and went looking for a way to record this before it fell out of my head. R. got out the video camera and we got it a couple of verses onto it, but after the middle of the third verse, I'd forgotten the rest. Fortunately, I'd already written the lyrics down, so I had managed to save the music and the words. R. says it is a good folk song, and not obviously recognizable as something else (so if I plagiarized it, the source is obscure, and therefore does not count).

I dug up a voice note recorder (shareware) that seems to work decently with the built in microphone. This let me re-record the lullaby, and the Teddy song, the Theodore song, the ..loves Teddy song (that is a tune I did rip off), and my version of Old MacDonald (which involves no animals, only fruits, veg, and so forth, and Old MacDonald is either a named person, or Old MacDonald and She, and has a spoken bridge between verses).

Having done this rather impulsively, I realized this was in the back of my head as something I should do and do soon for quite a while. I'm quite pleased it happened. Better still, because the world is almost a reasonable place, the voice notes can be exported to any location on the hard drive, quick time can import them and _so can iTunes_. So I can use this puppy to develop a playlist of my own lullabies. Heh. R. is convinced that Teddy will not go for this, but will at least require me to sing along. We'll see. I'm betting Teddy will at least find it really freaking weird to hear my voice coming out of the speakers. Should be fun.
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