walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I should send this to DT


"I suspect that highly successful working mothers suffer a disproportionate amount of scorn when they fail to have the time or available space on their mental hard drives to do things like memorize school handbooks or master Bundt baking.

I’m quite sure that dads don’t get all the little snippets of insult that moms more or less expect will accompany their less-good days."

As usual, Judith Warner manages to take a really lovely opening and go somewhere unpredictable, bizarre and offensive with it. In this case, she takes the everyone-has-something-to-say phenomenon aggravated by the presence of small children, and assumes her cohort (working moms) is unusually subject to it.

Not so much, dear. Nannies are on the receiving end. Dads, if anything, get much worse. And SAH parents get at least as much as working moms -- they're just less likely to have a job that pays them to talk about it.

I'm a little touchy right now on the subject of members of the elite who feel powerless.
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