walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

tylenol woes


Discussion of whether to ban vicodin and percocet because they contain acetaminophen, and people who take them are taking other stuff with acetaminophen and walloping their liver.

So, definitely one of those, duh, things that definitely needs to be pointed out periodically. I wish someone would instead go after OTC remedies that combine several drugs in one. People don't know what's in them, and when you need to take them, you're too sick to think clearly. There's a solid argument for taking all that crap when you're sick doesn't help, encourages you to overdo, and may make you sicker either directly or because you don't rest.

But you have to wonder: why no mention of the dangers of mixing acetaminophen and alcohol? Nice that it was pointed out that banning acetaminophen would just send people to the NSAIDs and those are even more problematic. It would have been good to point out that alcohol and tylenol can seriously mess up your liver.

OTOH, maybe Parker-Pope read Cecil Adams (or did equivalent or better research) and figured the situation is just too murky to even git into.

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