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Today's Activities include: the Groton Shaw's, reading...

Of course inevitably I spend way too much time on Farm Town and FarmVille over on FB. Which, judging by NPR's Tech Talk, is apparently trendy. Who knew? I thought I was just being a big ole dork, albeit in a social sort of way.

I braved the Groton Shaw's, which has the most amazing background noise of any store. There is no way that place is going to survive this downturn. It is too miserable. OTOH, it has things I can't find at closer stores we go to more often (the organic chocolate chips and fake ice cream that I am hopelessly addicted to, and the apple cinnamon oatmeal baby food that A. seems to enjoy). Who knows. But I went in fully expecting the wave of appalling sound and maneuvered through it skillfully without at any point spacing out. And thus, I noticed that _everyone else_ in that store is zombied out, too. Once again, it is not just me.

I'm reading _The Family_ by Jeff Sharlet (yeah, not really the way you'd expect that name to be spelled), which is alternatively triggering several responses. In order:

what a bunch of thugs
yay, another secret society destroying the world
wait, they just _think_ they have power. they are delusions
okay, what exactly are the connections between these groups?
what a bunch of thugs...

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Unlike the author, I have never operated under the illusion that religion had no influence or minimal influence on our country's history. I knew exactly who to blame for Prohibition -- and who to thank for Abolitionism. It's all deeply involved in the history of women's rights, for that matter. So there wasn't quite the shock that he appears to be repetitively suffering from. For me, the shock is recognizing some of the things that E.E. "Doc" Smith was referencing in _Triplanetary_. And it is, once again, depressing to realize just how coded conservative most of science fiction and fantasy -- including urban fantasy -- has always been and probably always will be.

Do I purge those books? Or do I just go, okay, it's like Disney. Hugely appealing, fundamentally creepy. Can't really deny either side of that and perceive what's there. Which I suspect is where Sharlet is headed in this book.
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