walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

bike shops getting friendly

And men with too much money to spend complain about it.


Outside Magazine had an article (and it's online so you can read it too, altho I read it in paper; someone got me a gift sub) about bike mechanics not being so mean anymore and mourning that the Tough Love that Teaches Us not to use racing frames as commuter bikes and to listen to the Smiths instead of Huey Lewis is gone by.

I guess it's nice that Outside Magazine has noticed that the bike shop is finally being held to a reasonable customer service standard. It's sort of a pity that they didn't notice that that's happening because there are a lot of people like me out there who are perfectly happy to (a) bludgeon the LBS owner/employees in person or on our blogs and (b) take our business to a less-local (like me bypassing a handful of closer LBSs to go to Belmont) or entirely non-local bike shop in Portland or elsewhere thanks to the miracle of our cars and/or teh Intartubes and shipping.

Tough Love didn't die, dude. Trust me.
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