walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Slowly recovering

The day after passover (Friday morning, specifically) I was sick sick sick. Some kind of GI bug, that hung about for about 24 hours, and then took another 24 hours to fully recover from. Just to give you a sense, the leftover chicken broth was my main stay for that time period; I was drinking it out of a coffee mug. Normally, ugh. But the way I was feeling, one of the few ways to get calories in me that felt stable.

R. was a trooper and I remain ever grateful that I have regular child care.

With all the leftovers from the Seder, and two days of me not eating, we at least didn't have to go grocery shopping, which is good, because it turns out everything seems very closed on Easter Sunday, a fact R. and I rediscover for the very first time every year. I do not know why it is so hard for me/us to remember this holiday, but it is.

I read a third book about early potty training, which was a disappointment. Oh well. R. and I have decided that since a.m. is working really well, we're going to leave the kid out of the diaper post-pee-in-potty, and risk a few accidents with the goal of getting him into at least pullups by our June trip back east. Failing that, hopefully things will work out by our move. He's no longer having accidents attributable to crawling/pulling up to standing. He can now take three unassisted steps in a row and he's done it bare-bottomed so we don't think that's causing him to have to pee, so it seems worth a solid effort again. No point while he was still figuring out all those muscles and being surprised himself. And he really hates the diaper, and prefers being nekkid (who wouldn't?).
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