walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: CSA pickup, bicycling

Our neighbors have terrible appliance luck. First their washer and dryer died. Now their fridge (which is new). J. came out to say she had to go to the store to get ice to try to save some of their food. I said, we have 3 bags in our chest freezer left over from the party that we'd _love_ to give you along with the loan of our tremendously huge cooler. Her kids came over for a while a couple of times and later she brought cupcakes over because A., the older of the two, figures if it's our country's birthday, that means we get cake, right? Makes sense to me. So far T. is scoffing at the cupcakes, but I bet tomorrow morning he'll give one a try. They are very pretty, with red and blue decorations.

R. took A. up to Holland Farm to do the CSA pickup today while T. and I played. I made blueberry buckle with more party leftovers. R. unloaded the half watermelon we weren't ever going to eat on the neighbors who apparently like watermelon. I cooked some greens, made a couple massive salads and generally am trying to work my way through the backlog of vegetation that was the result of way too much healthy food at the party and then R. and I both getting pretty sick for a few days and subsisting on toast.

Today's bicycling nonsense: using the Flip Mino to record T. on the bike for posterity. Needless to say, I did this while I was on the bike. You really have not lived until you're headed downhill, flip in right hand, left hand on the bar, and for just about the first time ever, T. decides to stop halfway down the hill to check out a driveway. I think I even kept him in frame, altho I did wind up jumping off the seat. I'm so happy I buy step-thru bikes.
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