walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: sunny! riding, walking and taking pictures

It did rain here and there but not everywhere. It was basically sunny and dry almost all day today and since it was the day-off for the Saturday-falls-on-the-4th, no normal traffic. Yay! T. and I did the usual in the morning. Then A. and L. visited and walked around the 1.8 mile loop I do with T., only on foot with A. in the stroller (there were two A.'s on this walk). R. made fajitas. I eventually retrieved T. who had had a great day hanging out outdoors with B. T. and I did the loop again on bikes, and then he wanted more so we did some more riding with him in the seat on the townie. By that time, it was well into evening and I was about dead.

Somewhere in there I got to take a bath while A. was napping. I'm in the middle of _Pedal Power_ which is not available on the kindle so perfect for reading in the tub.

And I took pictures of the townie and posted them in the scrapbook, which I posted about earlier.

We have absolutely no plans for the 4th, other than that I'm going to try to spend a bunch of it on the bike.

R. is still recovering from the stomach bug I had bad on Monday. It seems to take about 3 days to get over completely.
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