walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities included: starts with a b, can you guess?

There was much thunder and lightning and it turns out that's what I draw the line at. Will not bicycle with preschooler in thunderstorm. But when it moved on, we went out and after a while got rained on. Turned T. over to B. and went back home.

T. for unknown reasons got up way early (like, awake before 5 a.m. and out of bed around 7 because he was waking A. up with his yelling at being kept in bed by papa). He did, however, take a nap for a while this afternoon. He came back early because B. had the last dentist appointment and we went out but didn't finish the loop because he kept taking off his helmet and sandals. So I told him he could ride on my bike back, and he loved that idea. So the balance bike went onto the tray and he went onto the maxi and away we went.

Unlike the previous time we did this, we were starting on the flat so I got the hang of steering and made it up Spencer. Couldn't manage on the narrow, bumpy sidewalk so had to walk that part. But very successful! It helped having the new kickstand on the bike for loading (the beefy Hebie -- I'm going to order a second one for the Bianchi). I could put him on, then put the bike on without having to straddle the bike and hope to avoid disaster. We delivered the bike to the house, then went out briefly but he wanted to go home again so back we went to have some ice cream (he did; I didn't).

In addition to installing the Hebie today, R. also put the handlebar end 3rd eye mirror on the Townie, which is the bike I wanted it on. It is somewhat helpful.

Between the morning and afternoon outings with T., R. was home with A. napping, so I took the titletrader requested book off to the West Acton post office on the Townie. Which was great, until I realized I didn't have any kind of lock at all with me (the frame lock for that hasn't been put on yet, and I didn't have the U-lock or anything). I left it parked and went in hoping for no line and no bad luck -- it could have been the most expensive package I'd ever dropped off but in the event, no worries.

I should probably take pictures of the bikes sometime soon. They are seriously tricked out at this point. Maybe some pandas. :-)
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