walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Childhood household modal share

I was trying to work out what our transportation modal shares were when I was a kid. Initially, I was thinking it was a large fraction walking/bicycling/public transit but not a majority. But then I went, duh! Each kid is a separate person! Just because my parents treated us as a collective does not mean that was true.

In our household, the walking/bicycling/public transit modal share was probably between 3/4th and 9/10th. Most of that was walking. During the school year, if you count school buses as public transit, public transit was next. During the summer, bicycling probably beat public transit. Even after D. got her license and drove us all places, she still walked to school and bicycled a fair amount and took the bus to college at least part of the time. Once C. got her license, she _drove_ the 2 blocks to school, which depending on where her first class was, actually often meant a longer walk to class than if she had walked. D. moving out would have dropped the walk/bike/bus share substantially. C. moving out was sort of a no-op, because my mother didn't really let my younger sister go anywhere alone if she could help it.

So that's kinda weird. We're a long, long ways from that world. My mother never getting a license definitely prolonged that period in our household, but a lot of other women didn't have licenses during the 1960s and early 1970s.
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