walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Jun 1960 issue of Popular Science

Evan Wylie's article _Who Says Bikes Are for Kids?_ is an excellent overview of his rediscovery of the joys of cycling as an adult non-enthusiast in the wake of buying a used bike while shopping for his son's tricycle. In some ways, that article could be written today, right down to the push for separate cycle paths to make cycling more accessible and safer, the comment that we all need it for our health, and that Holland is a joy to cycle in. Weird, tho, to note that the Esplanade was not quite in the planning stages at that point. Go read it over at google books.

ETA: And all those devices (the Zigo Leader, etc.) which involve converting a bike into a stroller? They owe the Jan 1950 Popular Science some money.
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