walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: bicycles, rain, Burley kazoo

In order: we have found a Not Very Nice person in Acton! I was saying this is the first, but arguably the woman who stopped her SUV on Prospect St to lecture us about letting T. ride his bike on the sidewalk and inform us that multiple cars had gone over the sidewalk to hit houses on Prospect St during the years she lived in the town wasn't very nice, either. Tough call, there; she probably meant well and was clearly interested in interacting.

Today's not nice person lives on Tuttle. I'd mention the number (I've already collected the names of the people who have the mortgage, the amount they paid for the house in 1997, the names of the people they bought it from, and the amount they refied for in 2003), but I'm allowing for the possibility that (a) it was a rainy day and people might just be grumpy and (b) maybe her puppy just died. I don't think that's what's going on here, but allow me to expand on my subject. She's got at least one kid that looks to be high school age, sullen, with friends who drive and who are similarly somewhat sullen (but who smile when waved at passing us in their cars) and go way too fast for subdivision streets. The lawn is mowed, but not quite as often as is typical in the subdivision, which supports my current theory, which that she is Mean, category Skinflint and Judgmental. Not smiling when we waved wouldn't get me going. No. She passed us twice, both times conspicuously stopping many, many (like a dozen or more) yards away even tho we were pulled over on the opposite side of the road, stopped and waving her on. Like, had to do the wide, geez, you can pass us wave, as opposed to the, yup, we're good, thanks for slowing down wave. Did not smile. Did not wave. Glared the first time. Got out at her house where we passed her again and I waved again and said good morning. No response. Maybe deaf? Came out of the house around the time we passed again, waved and smiled and good morning. This time, _turned to look away_. Got into her car, did her conspicuous stop and impatiently wait for us to do the massively exaggerated geez come on lady wave, and again, turned to look away when I smiled and waved.

I told T. she was mean and never to speak to her.

But hey. Maybe it would have killed her to smile. You never know. In the mean time, I'm going to collect their plates, makes and models and start tracking their visitors and their driving habits. You never know when it might come in handy. I suspect (based on the lawn) that she doesn't have the spare time to cause me any particular trouble.

R., A. and I went down to Belmont Wheelworks to collect my old bike (the Bianchi Milano Cafe Racer), newly kitted out with an internal hub and lights (mit standlicht! it says so on the sticker) an a Moose Rack and Burley Kazoo. That means, a rack on the back that is the base for a surry/trailabike made by Burley, the one designed for little little kids. Haven't got T. on it yet, but he really wanted me to take the Bianchi out for the afternoon ride instead of the Townie, and he looked at that seat a lot trailing behind me. I'm sure with a kid it will be more effort, but it's really no hassle at all without a kid, which is a promising sign. I also got a frame lock (Axa Defender from CleverCycles) and another mount for a Bobike Mini. I'm optimistic that I'll be able to take this out to the grocery store with one (or possibly 2) kids on Some Great Future Day. We'll see.

And it rained. Not that that stopped us. Because we're not made of sugar.
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