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We have a lovely Seder dinner last night with three friends. Teddy melted down in the middle and went to sleep in the hammock. I cooked way too much food, and I completely forgot to make one dish. No lamb bone this year, as I bought a boneless lamb shoulder. When I tried to get a bone-in steak, QFC had been cleaned out so I gave up on the Seder plate entirely. The food was great tho. We got the same white moscato as last year (tasty) and a different red (really unbelievably dry). We forgot the orange liqueur in the carrots, but they were still tasty. The haroseth (with the blackberry maniIalwaysspell it wrong) was really good. I even bought snobby matzoh; we never did open the whole wheat box, but I'm sure we'll get to them over the next few days.

I had leftover latkes for breakfast.

Up late talking last night, so really tired this morning. R. and I have been reviewing our upcoming commitments and trying to figure out what we can cut back so we are not completely overwhelmed. We're going to start by abandoning plans to do an August first b-day, going away, 2nd anniversary party at the place we did the west coast reception. We're going to instead have it at one of the parks near the apartment and have the apartment as a backup location in the event of rain. We're cutting the plan to have a party during our June trip back East for R.'s MIT reunion, and we're going to delay planning our T-day to Winter Solstice trip back to Seattle until after we have moved. That gives us maximum flexibility to cancel, shorten, etc., which is good, because my niece's younger sibling will be born shortly before that and we may want to go down to meet them instead.

The way-over-the-top umbrella stroller (the MacLaren Volo, and I bought the universal organizer and the accessory pack) has arrived and it is quite lovely. I may take it out for a spin later today.

Busy, busy. I wish I were getting time to write, but given everything else we've been working on, I guess I shouldn't complain too much. R. pointed out to me that during his mother's visit, we ate out exactly twice (lunch, both times); all other meals were in. For a long, long time I've tried to cut back on eating out, and as successful as I was occasionally, whenever something like a visitor or travel or whatever happened, I backslid. Not any more.
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