walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

for a brief moment in time, very little activity

This morning T. and I went bicycling (surprise) -- not raining, he was perfectly behaved, we did the loop coming out by the church and then back on Prospect. Could not have been more flawless. I continue to be stunned and amazed by my son, and, I might add, some other people are clearly pretty stunned also. Hopefully, they are not reporting me to child protective services.

Then, _just_ as B. and T. were about to depart, he went for one last (helmetless) ride to the neighbor's driveway and wiped out on a patch of wet needles as he swooped in for the turn. Skinned his calf, knee and chin. Geez. I carried him inside, put him on the kitchen counter and ran warm water over the cuts then found him some clothes that wouldn't rub too badly while papa put bactine on to kill the pain. He left happily a little while later.

My sister and her family came by a little later. R. installed some dimmers that don't dim much. *sigh* I got the boxes of stuff that we are either going to get rid of or possibly store for a little while before we get rid of them in the basement so they won't be in the way during the party. Did some laundry and dishes and entertained A. briefly by kicking a bunch of balls down the stairs since her cousins persist in taking the bag of balls downstairs and emptying it on the floor. They might as well all hang out together, right? If only I could get the Mr. Potato Head pieces to collect in one place.

I went grocery shopping during nap #1. R. went to Costco (and I think he's bringing T. back with him) aand now, it is nap #2. I am sitting down. It's kind of nice.
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