walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

We're all healthier

Which means the Tedster is insanely active again. It was kind of nice when he was sick. He slept more and was mellower. On the other hand, he was unhappy, which was sad. Tradeoffs.

Child care cancelled today, so not much got done. The more-active Tedster is now getting into the bottom twoish rows of books, so to the extent I did anything today, it was box up more books to get them away from him. The cases are probably going to have to move fairly soon.

R. fed him a jar of sweet potato (some organic baby food owned by the Hain conglomerate). He ate the entire freaking thing (modulo the expected mess around the mouth), which surprised me. Then he had a bunch of breastmilk, and proceeded to spit up breastmilk and breastmilk mixed with sweet potato. He may have overeaten a bit trying to get the right amount of calories. Interesting. No bad reaction or anything, so I expect we'll continue to feed him a jar every little bit. That particular jar was the massively pureed 4 month and up kind; the rest of what I got is all 6 month and up, so we'll see if he likes those as well.

In other developmental news, he's trying to figure out how to plug the wall lamp in. It's a little bit tricky for his current level of dexterity (supervised play only, for those of you thinking we are bad parents, I would think by now it would be obvious that was are, in fact, shockingly bad parents).

I read the latest Crusie (_Anyone But You_ -- it's got a part basset part beagle in it named Fred). Rework of a lot of the themes from _Manhunting_. Good stuff, and a nice, easy, fast, read. I'm still reading _Marked in Your Flesh_, but an entire book about genital mutilation and the ramifications thereof is a bit much, even with an engaging authorial style. So I've started _Raising Resilient Children: Fostering Strength, Hope and Optimism in your Child_. I think it is not great, mostly because it's aimed at a somewhat different audience. But we shall see. It certainly has some very good elements to it (empathy, perspective taking, including children in decision making, not treating children in a way that one would not want to be treated oneself).
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