walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: bicycles in the rain! and an hour at preschool

B. took T. to preschool for an hour today and he apparently had a really great time, played interactively (to the extent that he ever does) and talked about as much as he ever does. Given that this is in a different environment with someone he's only met a couple of times, this is really wonderful.

Since he went in at 11:40, I got extra time in the morning to ride bikes with him. In addition to the longer route (Flint, Mass Ave, Prospect and playing in Mt. Calvary's crescent driveway), we went through Mallard on the way back the second time. I attempted to pass a pedestrian by shifting to the street on Prospect (momentarily dead), but T. didn't want to go back on the sidewalk after. Huge mistake on my part, big learning experience for both of us ensued. No temper tantrum tho. He got very upset but manned up and I saw it happening and got us both to a safe spot for hugs and helped head off the tantrum that T. was so determined to avoid. My son is amazingly strong and brave, emotionally, as well as physically.
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