walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thinking About the Mouse

I think about the Mouse a lot. I still haven't visited the Mouse on this coast, and it looks soooooo delectable, even if we just do MK (which by most accounts isn't as good as the left coast version), which is likely, given the ages and natures of our offspring. Regular readers of my blog probably remember their eyeballs hurting as they skimmed my numerous postings about DVC (and no, I still haven't bought in, but I still am monitoring the resale market). I tend to think of my Mouse obsession as a fairly minor one, which is to say, I grant that it's obsessive, but don't think it's particularly out of hand.

My sister stopped by with her man and their two young 'uns on their way to visit man's mother in Maine; they'll be back later in the week for the party and a day or so surrounding. This was very exciting. I hadn't met the offspring yet (thus, my children had not met their cousins). I hadn't seen my sister since Christmas of 2004. All very nice, lots of fun. The kids found every single toy in the place (well, nearly) and moved it, but they were in no way destructive. In fact, they were a pair of very sweet kids.

We got (my sister and I) to chatting about a possible trip to see the Mouse. Since she lives in VA (on this coast and closer to Orlando than me), I suggested we might contemplate meeting up down there some time, and said we were planning a February trip and contemplating (if the economy is bad enough to reduce traffic to the Parks enough) a holiday trip. The holiday trip would be to take advantage of the fact R.'s work is closed between Xmas and New Year's. She isn't up for that one, but might think about February, which I take to mean, probably neither, but we'll see. (If you want to join us on either of these, drop me a line.) She then said that she ran across something on a parenting forum about a special pass for autistic kids to help with the waiting-in-lines problem. A quick trip to google (Disneyworld, autism, lines) produced a great section at Allears that I had somehow never paid any attention to. I had previously obsessed over their food allergy information, but had totally missed the autism/developmental blah blah bleeping blah stuff. Wow. Can I say that again? It's something else again when you read a page of advice and can go: thought of all of those, and I _wish_ I'd known _that_ was available. I now have a _great_ reason to go get an adult diagnosis of Asperger's. Geez. And get-letter-from-pediatric-neurologist just got appended to the everlasting to-do list which is my life.

As I pointed out to R., it's all well and good to not think of this as a disability, but if you get too good at thinking of it as not-a-disability, it's easy to forget to go looking for the entirely reasonable accommodations that have been prepared to make your life less obnoxious.
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