walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: NOT getting on a horse

T. and R. went to go horseback riding (for T.) but on the way, we learned it was raining too hard for the lesson. Oh well. Takeout from the Mexican place nearby made for an extremely filling lunch and the kids meals were apparently about as acceptable as kids meals for our kinds of kids ever our. By our, I mean, R.'s and mine, and my sister R. and her partner R. Now _that's_ confusing. ;-)

In unrelated news, B. and B. are not only engaged, they have a date! And apparently are recruiting T. and A. to be involved in the wedding.

4 mobile preschoolers in the house = every single part of every single toy seems to have gotten our and moved somewhere else mysterious in the house.

And inevitably, more bicycling in the rain. I'm thinking maybe a cycling jacket, something shorter in front and longer in back with a weird shaped hood suitable for covering a helmet. I bet someone makes this in technical, breathable fabric with pockets and charges some appalling amount of money for it in safety orange and other Attractive Colors.
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