walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Brooks Saddle on the Bike

R. put the #67 on the bike and _while he was at it_ did a bunch of other stuff to the bike involving adjustments to the handlebar. The effect was to turn the riding position and general feel of the bike into that old-school upright 3-speed. Not bad, per se, but not ape-hanger/cruiser/crank-forwardy anymore. He also put the seat up so damn high I wound up dorkstanding which was Not Acceptable. I corrected that.

While I do not LOVE the Brooks saddle, it is extremely cool looking, and it's a good saddle. I told him if the result of all this monkeying with my bike is that he actually uses the bike on occasion to run a kid or kids around the neighborhood, it's all good (because I don't think he'll ever shepherd T. from any of his bikes). But if he never uses the bike, we're going to be undoing some of these changes.

But I can understand the Love of the Brooks Saddle, even if I only Like it a Lot. If you've been frustrated in your search for the perfect bike seat, you might see if a bike shop will let you borrow one for a spin before committing the funds to buying Your Very Own.
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