walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Eating Off the Kids Menu, redux

Friday is traditional eating out day, since there's a regular lunch get-together (didn't do that today) and a fairly regular dinner get-together. We haven't done the dinner for months and months, largely because it's tricky to make it through traffic at the 6-7 start time they usually pick and often a long ways from where we are. Since we moved, we should have been able to go, but the folk who arrange it were on hiatus for a while.

Well, today we got the e-mail, and the selected restaurant was in our town! Up in Nagog, but still! We had to go, and so we did. I was going to stay home with T. and ride bikes, but we got him back at 5 so by 6ish he was worn down pretty good and willing to leave for a restaurant with fries. Scupperjack's has an old-school salad bar, which I got, figuring I'd mooch off of T.'s kids meal which was, inevitably, chicken fingers, french fries, chocolate milk and, in this case, included ice cream at the end. Nice! Good staged bribery. Company was excellent. Ambient noise level high enough to cover any noise our kids were making (which was not much, as T. was fairly quiet and A. was asleep). And T. dissed his chicken for the most part, so I got plenty to eat.

If I'd moved here from Seattle, I'd be bitching and moaning about how few places there are to eat. But after southern New Hampshire? A paradise of restaurant selection.
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