walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Earth Machine

Because I noticed that I was talking about how I hadn't had time to do this, and feeling guilty about the food waste not being composted, and today R. said he realized what he's allergic to in the garage (the food waste), today I dug up the Mass Gov bingrant.pdf I downloaded before we moved down here to figure out which local municipality might have composting devices for us to purchase. _Now_ I comprehend the geography enough to realize that while Acton abuts both Chelmsford and Concord, nearly anything we're actually going to go to in Concord is functionally half the distance that anything we're actually going to go to in Chelmsford. One phone call and one short trip later, we have another Earth Machine.

And a kitchen scraps bucket, because I paid in cash and they didn't have change and apparently donating $5 to them was going to cause much heartache, so I gave them two more and got a $7 scraps bucket. Which is actually sort of cool.

We also went to Not Your Average Joe's for lunch, where I discovered (a) they will let you order off the kids menu (unsurprising -- it isn't much of a deal, really) and (b) the kids burger does not come with condiments automatically (someone there understands children) but is otherwise _really good_ and (c) while the kids burger is 4 ounces of meat before cooking, it is perceived by our waitress as being smaller than the McDonald's hamburger (which is kinda funny, since that burger is 1.6 ounces).

Portion distortion strikes again.

Also, I got cheated out of my drink and ice cream. It would have been nice to have the drink for A., as she finished all of the diluted OJ I brought in a bottle for her.
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