walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Rollbacks Go Rolling Along

Obviously, the deregulation of the financial industry is in the process of being rolled back. But I just saw in the LA Times (the paper R. says is the only place he's seeing good, long, detailed articles anymore) that California is contemplating rolling back some of the Welfare-to-Work rules, with the goal of saving money for the state. By the time you add up the per-child child care costs, job training costs, etc., it's often cheaper for the state to just pay a parent to stay home and raise the kiddies. (Duh. I'm fairly certain this was pointed out at the time it went through during the Clinton years. In fact, I think we pointed that out repeatedly.) A lot cheaper. While the primary caregiver of a child under the age of one had already been exempted from mandated job search/job training (cuz we may be barbaric, cruel and shockingly stupid, but apparently not _that_ barbaric, cruel and shockingly stupid), the current proposal would extend that and factor in the 3 preschooler issue.

I just wish we could maybe invent a government program that, say, recognized that maybe the people receiving the assistance could make pretty good decisions themselves, and let them decide whether it was a better deal for them to stay home, or go through with their education, or whatever. But we don't trust people who are receiving government assistance -- well, we don't trust anyone, but those are the people we feel prepared to coerce.
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