walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Bicycling in the Rain, redux

It's one thing if it's threatening to rain when you leave, and then you leave, and then it starts sprinkling and later raining.

It's wholly another thing when it's sprinkling when you leave, and starts pouring before you properly get started.

I tried to talk T. out of it -- even had the papa will take you to the pool bribe ready to go. No dice. When we started getting really soaked, and we'd been out for about 45 minutes, I called R. and asked him to get ready to pick us up. I did, however, self-rescue us.

Very, very wet. Still kinda fun, tho. Altho T. is now reliably turning around and going back up the hill on Lothrop. Which I _hate_. I've started walking the bike up it, because my knees hate me otherwise.
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