walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Yesterday's Activities include: grocery shopping

Yeah, that's pretty inspiring, isn't it. But I got to go by myself! Whee!

B. had her second dentist appointment Tuesday morning, so I had the kids to myself and handed T. off at the dentist's office where R. (B.'s gramps) was waiting for her. We let T. ride his bike in the parking lot, because even tho there are a lot of cars parked, the in-and-out is very quiet and sedate. This kept him happy, altho then he decided he really needed to go inside (I assumed to use the potty and was correct), and the process of getting both kids in, get the key, find the potty and so forth took too long (inevitably). But at least I knew what he wanted. That's progress of a sort.

He stayed later because dropoff was later and they were having burgers and corn on the cob. We only just barely got our morning ride because of limited time, and worse in the evening because it was close to sunset. But we did get to bicycle both times and again this morning. It's almost like not worth mentioning that we went bicycling as an activity since we basically go every day, twice (or more) a day, unless something stunning happens (like rain all day long).

R. got home at the usual time, so I handed A. to him and went to Roche Bros. by myself. It's just wrong how much fun it is to not have to shepherd a kid around a grocery store. All you people picking up groceries by yourself must be having a mad old time, I keep thinking, but I never used to enjoy grocery shopping. It's become like not-being-stuffed-up-after-a-long-head-cold. Breathing is exciting! Wheee! Not so much to everyone else, of course. I continue to scout bike-lock-up spots around Roche Bros and I'm not overjoyed about any of them (altho I have a laundry list of possibilities now). There really doesn't seem to be a bike rack anywhere in that shopping plaza. :( Maybe I'll try going out to Idylwilde instead; I'm almost positive they have a bike rack. A. is pulling herself up by herself (well, using furniture or someone's leg) and standing without touching anything (well, except the floor with her feet) for several seconds in a row now. I think I can probably take her out on the bike in a month, two at the most.

Today's activity on the bike: returning to the big hill on Lothrop to go back up it and come back down it. Now, I get that the coming down part is Teh Awesome. But I _hate_ going up it. Particularly slowly, and stopping partway up to stay close to T. And then restarting cold in the middle of the hill. OTOH, the platform bed is so nice for my knees, it's basically a wash doing the extra damage on the bike. I suppose.
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