walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Bicycling in the Rain

It's not like it's that cold -- low 60s. It had been overcast all morning but not actually raining here and I got really sick and tired of having a Neil Young American Masters documentary inflicted on me (I do not like Neil Young), which R. persisted in watching, and when I suggested he find something else, he said the alternative was a Phillip Glass documentary. Yeesh.

I figured I'd risk a sprinkle and suggested riding bikes to T. who was (duh) all excited about the prospect. I did get us both jackets, but as soon as the bikes were out of the garage, it started sprinkling. T., however, was unphased, so off we went. Only this time? Not really sprinkles. We both got soaked, altho it was warm enough, we were exercising enough and we were adequately covered up so we didn't get cold. T. did not object to coming in after a mile, however. Brakes seemed to work okay, which is encouraging.

Note to self: maybe a better rain jacket for wearing on the bike. The one I have (which I have quit wearing on the bike) is too long.

Towards the end, we passed a woman and a couple of kids leaving a house to get into a car. The older girl (maybe 6 or 7? just a guess) said, "It's not a good day for riding a bike." I agreed. Then she asked the sensible question, "So why are you riding a bike?" I gave the only answer which seemed appropriate, "I'm not really sure."
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