walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Rain! With sun breaks

Almost Seattle-like, really!

We missed the morning neighborhood cycle today due to rain. R. took T. to the pool. A. is running a slight fever and her nose is running a bit. Also somewhat cranky. Possibly teething + allergies. Possibly a cold. We decided not to take A. to a christening and inflict the possible virus on an even younger baby.

Meanwhile, R. took T. to ride a horse, which apparently went well, but we _really_ need to fill out the paperwork. I guess we're in for real, assuming the paperwork is filled out satisfactorily. Woohoo!

Then I took T. around the loop. There was food in there somewhere, and then more times around the loop. He's doing really well getting out of the street for cars; he is, however, buzzing peds. A bad, rude cycling behavior! Must work on that next. An early bath and a late bedtime.

I'm now attempting to read _Adventures of Huckleberry Finn_ for book group tomorrow night.
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