walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a republican I could learn to like


I have no idea what else this Republican supports or opposes. But this _particular_ opinion piece I can find absolutely nothing to disagree with.

Go figure. A Republican arguing we should make Medicare cover everyone, then we could immediately save the marketing costs associated with private insurance. AND arguing that, "more savings will be possible if the effort to identify the best, most cost-effective treatments, now underway in the Medicare program, are expanded under a single-payer system." Pointing out that no one covered under Medicare or the VA wants those to go away, and that the people traveling to the US for medical care are coming from the Middle East, South America etc., not from Europe.

Wonder how long he'll stay Republican? OTOH, he says, "38 percent of Republicans" want health care reform, which is low compared to Democrats and Independents -- but more than the 1/3 necessary to accomplish change.
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