walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: bicycles!

R., A. and I had lunch at the Walden Grille, then I went to the bank. From there, with a sleeping child, we decided to go down to Belmont Wheelworks to Spend Money. Today's purchases included: 1 Specialized Globe (3 spd, cream), with some addons, and 1 Brooks #67. The add ons included fenders, a wire basket with quick release, some blinky LED lights front and back (which were installed in such a way that they are not tremendously visible so we may be making some adjustments), a kickstand (the Specialized one the bike has bosses for, which seems pretty decent actually), a bottle cage, a bike helmet (because this bike, sadly, is not for me), and a U-lock + cable. I'm hoping I didn't forget anything. I wanted to put a rear rack on it (specifically, the one that came off the Bianchi) but don't currently have one (and, obviously, don't intend to buy one). The rear rack would be so T.'s bike could be carried on the back.

The Brooks #67 is the replacement saddle for the Townie. The remaining question is whether we need to get a second seatpost, or if I'm really okay with giving up the Only Bike Seat I Have Ever Loved to put on a bike seat that R. can tolerate. We'll See. It'll be an easy choice if I love the Brooks, and so many people do I figure there's at least a chance.
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