walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

well _that_ explains a lot about conservatives

Craig T. Nelson of "Coach" fame on Fox News, as seen clipped by the Daily Show last night for Your Moment of Zen: after saying that people who don't make it in business go bankrupt, no one helps them out (dude, do you _know_ what used to happen to debtors who couldn't pay up? prison? and without food, either, unless family brought them some. and that was in societies that didn't kill or enslave them), he followed up with the priceless: "I've been on welfare and food stamps. No one helped me out."

Really? Those welfare payments and food stamps to feed yourself and possibly your family? Manna from heaven. Even God expects credit for manna. He will stomp your ass if you don't show appropriate gratitude.

We should stomp Craig T. Nelson's ass. Similarly.
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